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Izabella Volovnik

Born in Jerusalem (IL),  1995

Lives and works in Tel Aviv, Israel
Represented by Rosenfeld Gallery


2014-2018  B.Ed.FA, Hamidrasha - Faculty of Fine Arts, Beit Berl College

2009-2013  Thelma-Yellin school of arts, Givatayim

Solo Exhibitions

2022   If I Had a Tail, Artists’ Cube Studios Gallery, Jerusalem

2020   Bitches, Rosenfeld Gallery, Tel Aviv

2020   Bitchcraft, Haifa Museum of Art, Haifa

2018   Lies and Washing Powder (with Zamir Shatz), Rosenfeld Gallery, Tel Aviv

2018   Long Fingers, Rosenfeld Gallery, Tel Aviv

2016   Neo_Violent, Guest  Gallery in Hadassa Academic College, Jerusalem  

Group Exhibitions

2022   To Be Continued - Seriality in Contemporary Art, Rosenfeld Gallery, Tel Aviv

2022   Days Out of Time, Gymnasia Herzliya, Tel-Aviv
2021   Bread and Roses (13), Tel Aviv Artists’ Studios Gallery, Tel-Aviv

2021   Skein (New Acquisitions by the Rappaport Foundation), Tel Aviv Museum of Art 

2021   Project Roots, Rosenfeld Gallery, Tel Aviv
2021   Wild Pets, triple show with Noa Ironic and Elad Rosen, Rosenfeld Gallery, Tel Aviv
2020   The Bathers, Library of Haifa's University, Haifa

2020   Ground Control, Rosenfeld Gallery, Tel Aviv

2020   Here Are All the Flowers", Koresh14 Gallery, Jerusalem

2020   Epos - International Art Film Festival, Tel-Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv 

2020   Memorandum of Understanding, Rosenfeld Gallery, Tel Aviv

2019   Lighthouse x Hotel Utopia x Fresh Paint, Brown Hotel, Tel Aviv 

2019   Zoom 2019 -Young Israeli Artists, Museum of Natural History, Tel Aviv

2018   Shop it!, Haifa Museum of Art, Haifa
2018   Into the Light, Portfolio Magazine exhibition, Jaffa passages

2018   Hanky & Powder Puff, Nulobaz Cooperative Art Space, Tel Aviv

2017   Six Days Se7en Sins, Indie Gallery, Tel Aviv

2016   Tangents, Faculty of the Arts at the Pedagogical University of Krakow, Poland

2015   On the Verge, Youth Department, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem 

Public Collections

Haifa Museum of Art, IL

Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art, IL
Rappaport Collection of Israeli Art, Tel Aviv Museum, IL

Awards and Scholarships

2021   Rappaport Acquisitions, Tel Aviv Museum of Art

2021   Corona Diaries, Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art

2018   AICF- America-Israel Cultural Foundation

2018   Dean award of excellence, Hamidrasha School of Art

2017   Dean award of excellence, Hamidrasha School of Art

2015   Youth Department, Israel Museum, Jerusalem

2013   Thelma-Yellin School of Arts, Givatayim

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